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Since the invention of the Internet, the power of the consumer has intensified more than ever before. Customers now have the ability to instantly search online for current information and pricing on nearly every product available for sale in various marketplaces. MerchantRating.com is a leading shopping comparison website where you can read reviews and compare companies at a single online location.

MerchantRating.com allows you to make online comparisons quickly and easily. Our comparison site tells it like it really is, letting you know everything good about the company along with the bad. We provide informative articles to educate you about various industries concerning the products, goods and services you need most. With access to MerchantRating.com, it will be easier to make an informed decision.

Every company and product listed on our site has passed a comprehensive review and extensive research. This makes it easier for you to decide which products to purchase, and from the right company at the best price. We offer extensive testimonials, comments, feedback and reviews from people just like you who have dealt directly with the company and/or purchased the product.

Shop, Compare & Select

Certainly, one of the greatest benefits of using the Internet is your ability to shop and compare product or service descriptions, details and prices before making a selection. With information instantly available at your fingertips, you remain in control on every product or service you purchase, by shopping, comparing and then selecting.

With the information provided by MerchantRating.com, you can put significantly more thought into every purchase you make, especially for big-ticket items and services. The site provides an instant portal to the vast array of shopping options, discounts, daily deals, local offers and more.

The online information allows you to go extremely deep into comparing and read honest feedback provided by the huge community of consumers. The reviews and ratings will let you know whether the products you are considering buying, or the companies you are dealing with, are any good at all before making your final decision.

Fresh Updates and Overviews

Our competitors’ sites are filled with outdated reviews, comments and descriptions. Alternatively, MerchantRating.com continuously updates reviews, providing the newest information to you. Our overviews contain a brief summary of every company, product or service at the top of each description. This minimizes the time you will need to read through the entire description should you not want to.

Our testimonies, references, feedback and comments are verified to ensure an honest representation of the merchant. This will ensure accurate and authentic information, and let you know whether the consumer is happy with their recent interaction with the merchant. When available, we provide accredited information on a company’s reputation along with any negative or positive review to ensure accountability and transparency.

The Need for Online Rating

The largest segment of retail sales in the United States is now moving to the Internet, where many brick-and-mortar businesses are turning into e-commerce companies, hoping to attract and retain new customers. However, for the merchant, online shopping is a different type of business is highly competitive. Surviving Internet companies are usually those with optimal customer service, and easy online checkout system and competitive pricing.

For the Consumer

Some businesses provide traditional catalog and/or brick-and-mortar sales in addition to online transactions. Because of that, it is essential to read this site’s detailed information concerning the business’ overall rating. This will ensure that their customer service remains top-notch across all sales platforms both online and off-line. The information is important because successful e-commerce sites tend to be those that maintain the best retail practices and sustain a quality rating.

Our rating system is based on a variety of grades for the website, including its functionality, content, available merchandise and pricing. We believe that these four factors provide greater transparency and will make it easier for you to make a decision for the products or services they provide.

Comparing sites is not just beneficial to you, but to many small and medium-size businesses competing in the same marketplace. For the company, our merchant rating provides instant visibility, and helps enhance their online presence. Because of that, many companies strive to provide the best service, which is usually reflected in their rating.

For the Merchant

As more consumers turn away from big-box retailers and begin making the majority of their purchases online, merchant ratings has become an invaluable tool. Now, a smaller company with virtually no overhead can compete against huge retailers by offering a more competitive price. Small companies taking the time and effort to maintain a good merchant rating will benefit in the long haul, while providing a valuable cost-effective solution for the items, products, goods and services their customers need most.

In addition, this rating site is beneficial to merchants because it helps increase the amount of consumer spending. This is because consumers performing comparison-shopping tend to spend nearly one third more over the Internet, then those making purchases at traditional brick-and-mortar stores.